" ... I happen to believe we are all walking repositories of buried treasure. I believe this is one of the oldest and most generous tricks the universe plays on us human beings, both for its own amusement and for ours: the univers buries strange jewels deep within us all, and then stands back to see if we can find them.
The hunt to uncover those jewels--that's creative living.
The courage to go on that hunt is the first place--that's what separates a mundane existince from a more enchanted one.
The often surprising results of that hunt--that's what I call Big Magic."
Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear
The search and discovery process is truly wonderful and magical.
I’ve been delving deeper into my art over the last few years and have been very lucky to be a member of a wonderful group of arty, crafty types at Noosa Arts and Crafts. There are so many different groups jammed packed with talented artists. Pastels and watercolours are my focus at the moment but I love to dabble occasionally into other art mediums eager to discover something new.

I have some great teachers and mentors to help guide me on this search. Carolyn Sheather is a marvellously talented artist whose enthusiasm, knowledge and teaching ability is amazing.

John Newman is also a wonderful watercolour artist who passes on his great knowledge and experience to his students.

I hope you enjoy looking at some of my work.